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Nada Ammar





Founder of AIM


Nada Ammar is an immigration attorney admitted to practice in California.


Her dedication to her clients, advocacy for human rights, and resolve to help with immigration issues was born through her involvement in refugee and humanitarian matters as a Legal Officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Beirut, Lebanon. 


In this capacity, Nada managed a variety of legal cases pertaining to refugees. She undertook refugee eligibility and status determinations,  ensuring compliance with international protection principles and international laws. Nada monitored and intervened in cases of illegal entry, deportation, arbitrary detention, and other protection incidents through working relations with governments and other partners. As part of a strong legal team, Nada helped to successfully challenge the government’s arbitrary and prolonged detention of asylum seekers and refugees through Habeas Corpus petitions before several courts, leading to a precedent-setting case in the area of refugee law. 


As an advocate for her clients, she worked closely with legal partners and supported Government authorities to establish and strengthen fair and efficient refugee protection laws. She further provided legal advice and guidance on protection issues to persons of concerns,  including those on sexual and gender-based violence, and child protection. 


Before founding AIM, Nada worked as a legal consultant and was a guest lecturer in a Comparative Law class at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. She has since earned experience on a variety of immigration matters in addition to her unique expertise in Asylum and Refugee Law. 


Nada is committed to engage in community and Pro Bono work. She understands that for some, immigration is not a matter of choice, but rather a necessity to escape from violence and persecution. For that reason, in 2016, she led the initiation of a charity program, aiming to provide legal assistance to refugees in Orange County, CA,  in collaboration with various local charities and non-profit organizations specially the International Institute for the Rule of Law (IIRL. Inc) where Nada is a Board member.  


Nada completed her legal studies at Chapman University Fowler School of Law where she graduated with an L.L.M degree in International and Comparative Law. Nada also holds a Master's Degree in Law in Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, from the Lebanese University-Filière Francophone De Droit, accredited by Pantheon-Assas-Paris II.

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